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Wanted to share with you about our day at the printers. Coral came with me. In fact, she suggested it. And I was like a girl in a candy shop. It was very impressive! Fascinating to see how it all happens. I had no idea it would be so big and that a place so close is printing such beautiful books for all of Canada and beyond. 

We were delighted to see the quality and have full confidence in the physical product that will be turned out from the presses for our order for the Limited Edition copies. 

Here are some pictures:

The pages printing on large sheets before they are cut.

The "signatures" (32 pages, bound) coming through the assembly line.

The signatures getting stacked.

Stacks of signatures going to the presses.

Sheets of covers before they are cut and bound.

Books going into the final press.

Stacks of books hot off the final press.

I will be able to stand where the fellow in the gray sweats is standing to catch the first 100 books off the press for those of you who have ordered one of the first 100.

The shredder room.

All of the books that weren't perfect!

It was quite the experience and the education to see the inside of the printers, especially one as fine as this. Many writers and publishers never do. How lucky I am! 

Thank you again for your support and sponsorship! We are moving forward and can't wait to get FINDING FORTUNE to you!

With gratitude,

Lori Way

Writer & Publisher at Garnet House

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Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Two years ago today there was a toga party hosted by my oldest sister-friend in the world. And beside the fire in the backyard there was this man I mistook for a god. He was wearing a white bedsheet and his bare shoulders were glowing in the firelight. He had this incredibly sexy physique, like some kind of super hero, the finest most manly jaw I'd ever seen, features so stunning it was all I could do but stare. He had blond hair like a god also, ringed with a crown of leaves like some kind of Greek Adonis. Something divine. His eyes were a color from out of this world, not quite blue, not quite green, but a light aqua that shone, catching the flicker of flames like he was doing some kind of magic. He corrected me later--a Norse god, not Greek. But then my friends were organizing games and there I was, not able to get through the crowd, this gorgeous creature before me with an electricity between us that made everything else slip away. We were to pair up. He looks at me and asks if I want to play with him and it was the cheesiest pick-line I'd ever heard and I knew he said it on purpose, fully knowing how cheesy it was, which threw me even more. I hesitated to say anything so he helped me out and says, "What you want to say is yes."

"So now you know my dialogue, too?" I responded.

And you smiled at me the way you do and I said yes to you then and I say yes to you now and all the days to come. You are who I choose today and every day. I am so grateful for our life together, for us. We have gone through so much and learned so much and grown. You expand my world, make magic.

One of the first pictures of us, September 2017.

I love you now and always,

your Frig,

L.A. xoxoxo

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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Maybe the most difficult thing in crafting a blog is finding an angle that solves a problem and yet is still fun to read. Questions come up: What is it about? What does it try to teach or accomplish? Why are you writing it? And, Who cares?

Bloggers who write on how to make money blogging claim that if you are venting or rambling about personal stuff, you'll never make money. You don't write a blog then wonder how to make money from it. You create a blog concept then create content that promotes that concept.

I will add to that and say that you can do both. Correction--not only that you can do both, but that you should do both. Sort of. No, I am not suggesting that you ramble on about anything or use social media to vent all the stuff nobody wants to hear and that you'd be embarrassed you posted in the first place. What I am suggesting is that with the use of personal story, you attract your readers. People need people to be real. To relate. To know they're not alone. Personal stuff can make the post both enjoyable and memorable. And that's also how people learn. You can create a blog to make money by sharing the personal, no matter what the concept, product, service, or brand. Personal connection is the secret.

And that's kind of what I wanted this blog to be about: Sharing the Wealth. Sharing the best stuff. Favorites, from products to books and movies, from quotes and pictures to advice and writing tips, from therapies to ancient wisdom and new research.

I wrote a paper during my MFA for Creative Writing in a Composition Theory class titled Sharing the Wealth, and the title came back to me. It is a worthy title and the concept is in line with my life purpose. Purpose and passion are certainly what this is about. Discovering and formulating our life purpose is essential to well-being. And we do this through writing and through reading as well as living life. Sharing the Wealth means granting the power of the pen to those who will read and practice, develop both their writing and their purpose.

I aim to share the tools of the art and craft of writing and how to use them. But I also aim to show you how to use writing as therapy. We cannot write, cannot go through the writing process without going through therapy. That is what it is. Writing is cathartic. And so while we develop the art and craft, we heal ourselves. And just maybe others, too, as we share our stories with them and leave our venting unpublished.

Through this blog I will share everything you need to know to get published and make money doing it. (And heal yourself in the process!) And I will share all the good stuff I find along the way. On here you will discover your purpose or get back to it. And you will find support in following your bliss. All of the that. All through the power of the pen (or as would now be more appropriate--through the power of our computers), but ultimately, language and the written word.

Until tomorrow,

Lucía Belmontéz

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