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Wow! I was totally blown away by your essay—an intelligent, sharp analysis of Eve Kendall as a femme fatale. I appreciate the background information about the fatale character (complete with examples from film noirs), your application of Kuhn's reading, and your analysis of Saint's character and performance. This is a perfect essay… EXCELLENT JOB!!!!”

Dr. Stephen Tropiano, PhD

Editor of the Journal of Film and Video, the oldest film journal in the United States



This is a very insightful and eloquent essay that conveys your understanding of Italian Neorealism and how DeSica employs both elements of realism AND formalism to tell the story of one man's struggle in post-World War II Italy. Your incorporation of outside sources is excellent… This is a very original essay—and a genuine pleasure to read.”


Dr. Stephen Tropiano, PhD

Editor of the Journal of Film and Video, the oldest film journal in the United States

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