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If you would like me to host a retreat for your hotel or group,

I would be happy to speak with you and come up with your perfect retreat. 

Besides my writing background, I am a certified yoga instructor and a certified hypnotherapist. I have studied psychology and developed BLISS therapy, an integrative, mixed-modality therapy that incorporates all the senses through past and present to create the future you want. 

My retreats use writing and yoga to create balance for optimal flow. Inspired by the Hero's Journey, aspirants will learn to see themselves as the hero in their own stories so that they, too, can set out on their own Hero's Journeys.  

A unique blend of personal and group time, quiet and adventure, inner and outer quests, my retreats aim to heal, support, educate, and guide. They present possibilities, and maybe a few solutions, as guests journey to source and connect with universal consciousness.


Sure to change your life and become an experience to cherish always.


Retreats can be created for a week, a few days, or even just a day. We can create a retreat for your establishment or group to fit nearly any budget and according to your specifications for perfect packages.

Follow your bliss. And retreat with me. 

Twin Palms

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Puerto Rico

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