Visit to the Printers

Wanted to share with you about our day at the printers. Coral came with me. In fact, she suggested it. And I was like a girl in a candy shop. It was very impressive! Fascinating to see how it all happens. I had no idea it would be so big and that a place so close is printing such beautiful books for all of Canada and beyond. 

We were delighted to see the quality and have full confidence in the physical product that will be turned out from the presses for our order for the Limited Edition copies. 

Here are some pictures:

The pages printing on large sheets before they are cut.

The "signatures" (32 pages, bound) coming through the assembly line.

The signatures getting stacked.

Stacks of signatures going to the presses.

Sheets of covers before they are cut and bound.

Books going into the final press.

Stacks of books hot off the final press.

I will be able to stand where the fellow in the gray sweats is standing to catch the first 100 books off the press for those of you who have ordered one of the first 100.

The shredder room.

All of the books that weren't perfect!

It was quite the experience and the education to see the inside of the printers, especially one as fine as this. Many writers and publishers never do. How lucky I am! 

Thank you again for your support and sponsorship! We are moving forward and can't wait to get FINDING FORTUNE to you!

With gratitude,

Lori Way

Writer & Publisher at Garnet House

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