Today's Treasures

A couple of friends went into San Juan to party last night. They were entertaining the one fellow's boss, who flew in. It is the annual San Sebastian street festival, which is supposed to be the biggest festival the whole year in all of Puerto Rico.

So I am dog-sitting--a lovely solid, medium-sized, short-haired dog named Ellie, who reminds me of my boyfriend's dog who I love and adore. I thought we would take a walk on the beach, but we didn't get too far before dark clouds rolled in, threatening rain.

Rain comes and goes quickly here, and often I don't mind getting caught in it because I am often in a bikini anyway, as I am now. But today I was rather excited to be working on my new Writers Work profile and did not feel like getting wet, so turned back. Here are our footsteps:

I noticed our footsteps, and found two good pieces of natural sea sponge. The universe seems to provide here, with treasures that literally wash up at our feet.

I can use these in the shower--they are very good for exfoliating--except for that I hardly need to. The sand works wonders. When I first arrived I needed to roll around in it like Ellie did yesterday. I rubbed off winter shed layers of pain and trauma all at once while I scrubbed myself down. There is often nobody else on the beach for as far as you can see in either direction, and even if there were, it would hardly matter. We all enjoy the beach and understand and experience its healing benefits daily. You can hardly go to the beach and not get sandy, so are exfoliating then too. And between the sea-salty water, the sun, and generous amounts of coconut oil... There is hardly need for sea sponges in the shower too, but I take them. I will use them the days I am elsewhere, if not here. I take them because they are gifts.

We came back. It didn't rain. I wrote this. And now the sun is shining again. Time to go for another walk to soak up a little more vitamin D and see what treasures we find. If I'm not too lazy, maybe even a little afternoon yoga--on the beach, in my bikini, of course, here in paradise.

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