to be surrounded by so much love and support,

to have health, wealth, love, and the time to enjoy them.

The other day I turned the page of our inspiration book that sits on our dresser to the layout that says “Count Your Blessings.” We cannot count them without thinking of them and putting them into words. The numbers though are not what counts. As we put our blessings into words we put ourselves into the energy of those blessings, where our hearts well with gratitude, appreciation, wonder, love. We feel blessed.

Maybe the first thought is of love we have for others or love they have for us, the love we share. There is something magnificent about that kind of web.

I look around me and see the things I feel so lucky for, the proof copy of the book I have written and am now about to publish today, send the files to the printers.

I look up and see the leather billfold that belonged to my great-grandfather, as though the ancestors are with me; they always are. My mother, my grandparents on both sides, great-grandparents and beyond; they are all with me. The people of this world who have come into my life like fallen angels, here for a time on Earth. My boyfriend in the next room, my children well onto their on own hero’s journey paths, my father off in Italy living the last of his years and days as best he can without my mother, my future in-laws who have taken me in as one of their own, my friends who have stuck by me through thick and thin, the ones who show up when you need them most, the kind people who simply cross our paths, those who steer us on our way.

There is sunshine outside. It is supposed to be warm today, a last day for sun-tanning that September has given us. It is Monday and people are at work. We are here at home, doing what we do, living the best we can, seizing the moment and listening for the next answer, the next instruction, idea or message, watching for the next sign to know the next step.

Living an inspired life is what we aim for, and pretty much how we live. I’m not always sure how we do it. Last week we spent two afternoons at the spa, soaking in natural mineral baths and detoxing in the eucalyptus steam room. It’s not that we’re always dealt an easy hand. Maybe that is what is so amazing, to think of all we have come through and triumphed over to be here.

The map of the world is before me. I look up to the word “dream” scrolled on the cover of a notepad. I take it down. “Dream Big” is what it says. “dream” is our winter survival escape to Puerto Rico for a month. “Dream Big” is buying our own home on the beach there.

To be able to dream and write about dreaming on a Monday morning at home is a luxury I am well aware of. I have written on idleness. I am a big proponent of its importance. There is nothing that has not come from an idea first, an idea born from the idleness of the mind when it is allowed to wander. We have our freedom, owned by nobody, not selling our lives to others in days, hours and minutes. We walk the hero’s journey, make our own paths. We follow our bliss, and when we do that, we feel blessed.

Pause on the journey to reflect on your blessings. Discover awe.

Follow bliss, feel blessed.

No need to count. Quality over quantity always. Simply immerse yourself in feeling blessed.

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