Hello. Thank you for finding me and for your due diligence in learning who I am and what I'm about.


I specialize in books and screenplays but have written about every kind of copy under the sun and have created numerous websites. As I provide writing services for confidential clients, I do not share the work I have done for others. The best example of my work is my novel. Since publishing Finding Fortune, I have been contracted based on the high quality of that book. It is available on Amazon.


My magnum opus project is a historical epistolary nonfiction story about a pacifist scientist during the Atomic Age who escapes McCarthyist America in pursuit of paradise, which I have developed into two series and nine manuscripts for which I am now seeking representation. If you are interested in representing me or purchasing the rights, please do reach out. 


My screenplays are also available. If you are interested in purchasing or optioning one of my screenplays, I would be happy to hear from you. 

Hollywood is, of course, the biggest, best form of mass marketing there is. Somebody recently was confused about "the screenwriting thing," thinking I didn't have recent marketing experience. True, I first studied marketing back in 1992 at Whittier College, which for me, is pre-resume. I also completed a full year of study at the prestigious Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business Management in Culver City before becoming an English major. And one of my first clients was a marketing firm in Toronto. Since then, I have worked my way up from copywriting and proofreading to writing books and feature screenplays. As an author and screenwriter, I conceptualize the story. I create the story world, every character in it, and everything that happens within that world. My most recent contract was for what will easily be a 200 million dollar production based on my work that will be read producers, directors, cast, crew, and marketing teams.

The scope of my work through my most recent contract more than qualifies me for full WGA and WGC membership. However, as Puerto Rican businesses are not granted the same rights as those in states or provinces, the contract is considered to be out of jurisdiction and therefore ineligible, in spite of the scope. Please note that my rates reflect those of the WGA. If you are a Guild producer and would like to contract me, I am offering special incentives for the producer who enables me to become a full-fledged Guild member with a qualifying contract.