How it works:

I work exclusively with one client, one story at a time.


I am able to write your screenplay or your book, whether your story or a story that you have the rights to.


I personally handle all interviews, transcription, research, development, writing and editing. I am able to work with you from any stage your story might be at, whether idea or already written. Either way, I will make magic happen. 

For screenplay packages, I offer two rewrites and provide the final draft as a professional boxed package with hard copy and electronic files. 

You receive a polished screenplay package with Logline, Synopsis, Character List, Beat Sheet, Treatment, and Screenplay.

You are offered two rewrites, interviews at your convenience and requested location, unlimited communications access via text and telephone 24/7, follow-up after delivery, and lifelong gratitude. 

You will have a story you can be proud of and exited about to bring to the screen and mass audiences. You will create your legacy, make history, and hopefully many millions of dollars with a box office success. It is certainly my goal to give you the best script towards making that happen. 

For books, I can work with your story in a similar manner and either provide you with the manuscript so that you might work with your own agent or publisher, or assist you with publication through Garnet House. 

I am all about story and can't wait to have the honor of working with you on yours. 


  Lori Way


When I am not working with clients on large projects, I still provide writing, tutoring and consulting services. I have worked with various clients over the years on a variety of projects and am happy to be of service for any writing, editing, proofreading, and story development that you may require. From the big picture to the smallest details, I make it happen.